"Kiley is a remarkable reporter, a veteran of countless conflicts. The dust jacket notes that he has been kidnapped twice and shot once. To write this extraordinarily vivid account of modern war, he accompanied 16 Air Assault Brigade, at the sharp end, through its entire tour in Helmand. He came to know its men intimately and writes of them with affection as well as insight, through turbulent and bloody experiences".

Max Hastings - Sunday Times

..."a vivid rifle-sightís view of the war, and probably the best battlefield account yet of the British in Afghanistan"

The Economist .   

"Sam Kiley has produced an outstanding book which will join the classics of military history....

He makes the reader feel that he was there at the lung-bursting sprint to cover, as the bullets kick up the dust. There to witness the heroism, as men who have just reached relative safety run back through the gunfire to rescue a wounded comrade".

Bruce Anderson, The Independent


Patrick Bishop, author of 3 Para in the Evening Standard.

"Riveting. Evocative. Spine Chilling. Taste the bullets and the fear. Kiley writes like a dream, taking the reader into the heart of the heat, blood and dust of the Afghan nightmare".

    Damien Lewis author of Apache Dawn.

 "..a fantastically exciting, vivid account of life on the front line in Afghanistan by Sam Kiley...Itís so intense, yet lyrically done, you could almost call it war porn. It captures perhaps better than any other book Iíve read the smells, the sounds, the fear and excitement of modern infantry warfare. Read it and you fully understand why men want to go to war: because though its the most grisly thing they will ever experience itís also the most exciting and fulfilling they have ever done." 

 James Delingpole author of Coward on the Bridge.



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